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Cultural Events

In Ouranoupolis operates the Cultural Association of the village with various events such as "Klidonas" revival of local custom on June 23, the eve of the celebration of St. John and meeting of refugees cultural - dance clubs. The "Celebration of Saints Constantine and Helen," the patron saints of Ouranoupolis: on May 21 on the day of the celebration of the saints. The festival includes races by awarding medals, dance performances, food and plenty of wine! The highlight of the cultural events of Ouranoupolis is the organizing of an evening of poetic or literary recitation, or book presentations and concerts with subtle folk music in the light of full moon of August.

Easter in Ouranoupolis a unique experience. Throughout the Holy Week visitors have the opportunity to attend solemn services in the temple of the Saints Constantine and Helen. A unique sight is the procession of the Epitaph on the evening of Good Friday. This is a creation of women from the village, who begin the designing and decorating of months ahead and the process ends in the evening of Holy Thursday. The Epitaph of Ouranoupolis a unique work of art in Greece, is a sophisticated and unique "jewel", made-only-from thousands of beads and little chrysanthemums. For this reason, our village attracts thousands of visitors every Easter. The climax of the Holy Week is the Resurrection, of Satrurday evening, which takes place in the village square, accompanied by fireworks and under the watchful eye of the Byzantine tower. This extravaganza is able to excite the most demanding visitor.

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